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Job posting

Associate Director Mt. Irenaeus

by Mt Irenaeus

Information about the organization

Mt. Irenaeus, a Franciscan Mountain retreat community, is an independent non-profit organization located in Western New York. Its primary service is to the St. Bonaventure University Community, but our reach goes well beyond. From our mission statement, we are a community committed to simple, joyful, healing communion with God and all creation through contemplation and the communal experience of God’s justice, love and peace in contemporary everyday life.

Position Description

Mt Irenaeus is in a time of growth, and is implementing a strategic plan. This plan comes with multiple projects that call for the addition of a manager to work alongside many to move these projects to their completion. This individual will need strong interpersonal skills to work alongside the core community, other staff members, board members and volunteers. This individual will report directly to the Executive Director, and very closely with the Founder/Animator and Director of Ministry.

This general management position calls for a broad span of skills and the ability to manage multiple projects. Examples of projects include:

• Assist in the management of capital projects including building renovations and new buildings.
• Help develop and implement a communications and marketing plan.
• Prepare and present communications to share with potential donors, supporting strategic initiatives.
• Cultivate partnerships with other Franciscans to help the Mountain’s mission flourish.

More about Mt. Irenaeus can be found at


  •  Developing a deep personal understanding and appreciation of Mt. Irenaeus’ mission.
  •  Spending a significant amount of time at Mt Irenaeus and committing to ongoing formation and mentoring.
  •  Manage multiple projects and help keep organization on track toward completion.
  •  Ability to work in collaboration with others.
  •  Presentation skills to communicate progress of projects to management team, board of trustees, donors and others.
  •  Work closely with fundraising efforts to create content and motivate gifts from donors.
  •  Content/communication creation – both externally in the form of social media posts and newsletter pieces as well as internal messaging on the progress of projects.
  •  Financial reporting including the preparation of budgets.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  •  A commitment to the mission of Mt. Irenaeus (see mission statement below) and a willingness to enter ongoing formation into the Mountain life.
  •  Bachelor’s degree with 2-3 years or relevant experience.
  •  Sound business and financial acumen.
  •  Perceptive, empathetic, energetic and positive personality and must enjoy meeting and developing a rapport with people.
  •  High motivation for success coupled with diplomacy, tact and consistent follow through.
  •  Demonstrate excellent communication skills and analytical abilities.
  •  Willingness to travel and work outside traditional hours.
  •  Fully adept with all Microsoft office tools.

How to Apply

If you have an interest in this position, please send a cover letter and resume to
Mike Fenn at

Additional Information

  •  This position to be performed from our offices located on St. Bonaventure University’s campus, and at Mt. Irenaeus.
  •  In order to authentically work and live out the life of the Mountain, candidate will be expected to spend time at Mt. Irenaeus, located in Friendship, NY.
  •  Travel may be required for local, regional and national donor prayer gatherings, meetings and other events.
  •  Use of personal devices (cell phone, personal computer, etc.) may be necessary to maintain business operations.
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