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Job posting

Ministry Coordinator at Mt. Irenaeus

by Mt Irenaeus

Information about the organization

Mt. Irenaeus, a Franciscan Mountain retreat community, is an independent non-profit organization located in Western New York. Its primary service is to the St. Bonaventure University Community, but our reach goes well beyond. From our mission statement, we are a community committed to simple, joyful, healing communion with God and all creation through contemplation and the communal experience of God’s justice, love and peace in contemporary everyday life.

Position Description

Mt Irenaeus is seeking a Ministry Coordinator to join its team supporting the Life and Ministry lived out of and through Mt. Irenaeus. Our strategic plan has us looking to expand and deepen our outreach to St. Bonaventure University and other outward ministries. This individual will work very closely with the Franciscan Friars and others in the core community of Mt. Irenaeus, reporting to the Director of Ministry and administrative team.

The Ministry Coordinator will be involved directly in the ministry provided to St. Bonaventure University including creating, promoting and facilitating retreats with students and the rest of the SBU community. Along with retreats, they will bring a ministry of accompaniment beside the college students, and work on partnerships with the rest of the areas in St. Bonaventure’s University Ministries. The Ministry Coordinator will also be involved with Mt. Irenaeus’ other ministries, including our On the Road ministries, and virtual gatherings through Zoom. Interest in growing our ministry on Social Media also a plus.

More about Mt. Irenaeus can be found at


  •  Developing a deep personal understanding and appreciation of Mt. Irenaeus’ mission.
  •  Spending a significant amount of time at Mt Irenaeus and committing to ongoing formation and mentoring.
  •  Responsible in managing different stages of collaborative retreat planning.
  •  Responsible for nurturing and developing relationships with partners in the St. Bonaventure University community, including faculty, staff, administrators, coaches, ministry team and club leaders.
  •  Responsible for working closely to supporting projects with the Director of Ministry, Mt. Irenaeus Animator, and the core community.
  •  Work closely with Board of Trustees and other committees to promote the Mission and Ministry of Mt. Irenaeus.
  •  Support content creation in all medium, including physical newsletters and emails, social media, and website materials in conjunction with communications committee.
  •  Support Mountain on the Road visits and digital gatherings.
  •  Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience Required

  •  A commitment to the mission of Mt. Irenaeus (see mission statement below)
  •  Bachelor’s degree in Ministry or related degree.
  •  Experienced volunteer or professional involvement in campus ministry.
  •  Highly responsible adult with ability to relate with people of all different stages of life.
  •  Perceptive, empathetic, energetic and positive personality and must enjoy meeting and developing a rapport with people.
  •  High motivation to connect with young people to build relationships and invite them to try and become involved with life at the Mountain.
  •  Demonstrate excellent communication skills, and computer competence.
  •  Willingness to travel and work outside traditional hours.
  •  Appreciation of different cultures, lifestyles, religious and political beliefs and a willingness to learn about these differences.

How to Apply

If you have an interest in this position, please send a cover letter and resume to
Mike Fenn at

Additional Information

  •  This position requires local residency, with potential for living at Mt. Irenaeus. If living off site, some evenings will require staying overnight at Mt. Irenaeus.
  •  Working mostly out of our offices on St. Bonaventure University’s campus, and Mt. Irenaeus, 21 miles away.
  •  Travel required for on the road gatherings, and potential fundraising events.
  •  Use of personal devices (cell phone, personal computer, etc) may be necessary to maintain business operations.
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