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Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs, Inc. Administrator

by Franciscan Pilgrimage Program

Information about the organization

For over 50 years Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs, Inc. (FPP) has created cross-cultural journeys in the spirit of SS. Francis and Clare to nurture an encounter with Jesus Christ through the spirituality of place. It is committed to developing and implementing programs that foster a conversion to a deeper Gospel life and that promote the future vitality of the Franciscan heritage.

FPP is a non-profit ministry of the Assumption BVM Province, Franciscans. During its five-decade existence, it has guided 20,000+ pilgrims from forty-five countries on pilgrimage, facilitating the sharing of spirituality of place and the Franciscan vision of life. Since the 1970s FPP has provided outstanding, critically-acclaimed pilgrimages to parts of the world that have shaped the faith of Christians. Our staff consists of more than 65 individuals: Franciscan religious from all branches of the Franciscan Family as well as lay men and women. Many of the pilgrimage leaders enjoy an international reputation as Franciscan scholars.

FPP is headquartered at the Francis and Clare Friary in Franklin, WI along with the present Provincial Office and friary residence. FPP also has offices in Rome and Assisi, Italy. During a typical year of operations, FPP produces 35-50 pilgrimages, hosting approximately 700 pilgrims. These pilgrimages are organized in multiple ways so as to reach a variety of audiences and take place in Italy, the Holy Land, California and other locations.

Position Description

The Administrator is the Chief Executive Officer of FPP, the President of the Corporation and responsible for the day-to-day function of the organization. To fulfill this duty, the Administrator must oversee organizational finances, employees and their ongoing professional development, and business operations. The Administrator must be able to analyze and optimize all parts of these activities. Equally important is the responsibility to ensure the work of the organization reflects and advances the Franciscan vision of life. The Administrator serves at the pleasure of the leadership of the Assumption BVM Province and is assisted by an appointed board of Directors. There are currently three full-time employees (including the Administrator) and approximately 60 part-time staff. The Administrator will have the assistance of the current Administrator who will transition to a part-time Senior Advisor role.


Spiritual Authenticity: The Administrator is responsible for ensuring the work of the organization reflects and advances the Franciscan vision of life in the spirit of SS. Francis and Clare. He/she must be intimately familiar with Franciscan history and spirituality and must ensure all FPP programs appropriately promote Franciscan values. The Administrator should have a Master’s Degree in Franciscan Studies or equivalent and demonstrate an outstanding knowledge of content critical to a successful pilgrimage.

Management: The Administrator works closely with Provincial Leadership and the Board, informing, assessing, and addressing issues that impact FPP’s mission, values, and programs. He/she oversees the daily operations of the organization, providing executive direction of all program strategy, compliance, quality assurance, and program efficiency. In addition, the Administrator oversees the operations of the Franciscan Pilgrimage Program Center located in Franklin, WI.

Finance: The Administrator is responsible for overseeing the financial integrity and accountability of finances for FPP within regulatory compliance. He/she is responsible for recommending an annual budget, approving expenses, reviewing financial statements and directing investment decisions. The Administrator provides regular financial updates for the Board and Provincial Leadership.

Human Resources: The Administrator is responsible for developing a working relationship with a very diverse staff of religious and lay men and women, balancing newer, creative ideas along with the wisdom of experience. He/she works to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements within an appropriate environment to protect and develop FPP staff. The Administrator works to identify and implement staffing requirements for efficient operations, maintaining a strong culture and work climate that attracts and retains staff. He/she is responsible for developing and implementing a staff recruitment strategy that maintains a successful succession of staff members. The Administrator is also responsible for leading staff development initiatives which will ensure that the pilgrimage curriculum is of the highest standards and remains current with ongoing Franciscan studies.

Relationship Management: The Administrator is responsible for developing good working relationships with vendors in Assisi and Rome, Italy and other countries. These vendors include Casa Papa Giovanni, the Bishop of Assisi, Il Cantico, bus and taxi companies, restaurants, and more. He/she works closely with organizations that sponsor pilgrimages – sometimes involving the give and take of ideas regarding pilgrimage – so they understand the mission of FPP and the experience with FPP programs is maximized.

Qualifications and Experience Required


●  Embody servant leadership

●  A self-starter with a high degree of motivation and energy

●  Strong listening skills with the gift to attract and inspire others both inside and outside the organization

●  Practiced implementation of an organization’s mission and vision

●  Ability to think strategically and implement tactically

●  Demonstrates sound judgment

●  A passion for developing relationships with different kinds of people and groups


●  Master’s Degree in Franciscan Spirituality or equivalent

●  Familiarity with the Italian language is required; proficiency with the Italian language is preferred

●  Financial acumen

●  Practiced implementation of professional development activities.

●  Ability to work with various software programs including Word, Excel and Access

●  Effective cross-cultural written and verbal communication skills

Salary and Compensation

To be discussed but will reflect the senior leadership this position requires.

Application Process

Interested applicants should electronically submit a resume/vitae and a letter of interest which should, at a minimum, address the following questions:

  1. How would the qualities, experience, and expertise you bring enable you to be successful as the next Administrator of FPP?

2. The Mission of FPP states,“The Franciscan Pilgrimage Experience is a cross-cultural journeying together in the spirit of Francis and Clare in order to nurture an encounter with Jesus Christ through the spirituality of place. We commit ourselves to serve as sisters and brothers, fostering conversion to a deeper Gospel life and promoting the future vitality of the Franciscan heritage.” What do you see as the three biggest challenges FPP will face in accomplishing its mission and what would you do as Administrator of FPP to overcome these challenges?

Application packages are to be sent electronically to:

Daniel McCarthy
Board Member
Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs

CC to:
Mary Claire Lanser
Board Chair
Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs

Applicants should be prepared to provide at least two references upon request. All recruitment questions can be sent to the email listed above. The deadline for submitting an application package is Friday, March 31,2023.

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