Our Vision

The Vision of the Franciscan Federation is to deepen the understanding and love of the Third Order Regular Charism in our lives in order to share this gift with the Church and the World.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote exploration and study of Franciscan Evangelical Life and its implications for these times and for our world. The Federation provides national and regional opportunities to collaborate, gather, and celebrate so that the brothers and sisters can better live the Third Order Regular call to conversion, contemplation, poverty, and humility.

Third Order Regular Rule 1982

“Inspired by the example of Saint Francis of Assisi, the members of the Third Order Regular set forth to follow Jesus Christ by living in fraternal communion, by professing the observance of the evangelical counsels of obedience, poverty and chastity in public vows, and by giving themselves to innumerable expressions of apostolic activity.  To actualize in the best way possible their chosen way of life, they dedicate themselves unreservedly to prayer, strive to grow in fraternal love, live true penance and cultivate Christian self-denial.”

(Given at Rome, at Saint Peter’s under the ring of the Fisherman, on the 8th day of December, 1982, the fifth day of our pontificate by  John Paul II as a Perpetual Memorial.)

Bylaws – The Franciscan Federation, Third Order Regular, of the Sisters and Brothers in the United States

The Direction Statement of the Franciscan Federation

The Franciscan Federation needs to be a catalyst in bringing together the wisdom and traditions of the present membership and the energy and contemporary practices of the modern day followers of Francis and Clare.  We welcome all of the First, Second and Secular Franciscan orders, in their diversity and in their sensitivity to their particular charisms, to walk with us, in whatever ways that foster unity and communion, in the local, national and global contexts.  Continuously enriched by the communion we experience and promote with all members of the Franciscan family, we seek, at this moment in the United States, to direct our attention also to our cojourners, associates and others with Franciscan hearts who find themselves part of our Third Order Regular family.  This movement will involve the humility of being open to the Spirit and the ideas of others.

International Franciscan Conference of the Sisters and Brothers of the Third Order Regular (IFC-TOR)

The purpose of the IFC-TOR is to promote genuine communion within and among the Institutes of the Third Order Regular throughout the world, by fostering Franciscan life and spirituality in harmony with the spirit and content of the Rule and its fundamental values which are based on the Gospel and in accordance with the teachings of the Church. ifc-tor.org

Sharing Our History
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