Franciscan Federation Co-Executive Director Search

The Franciscan Federation of the Sisters and Brothers of the Third Order Regular of the United States is searching for a Co-Executive Director to begin duties on July 1, 2019. The mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote the exploration and study of the Third Order Regular charism through national and regional programming. The Co-Executive Director will work closely with National Board and the current Co-Executive Director, Sr. Carol Woods, S.F.M.A. The Co-Executive Director must be able to work creatively and collaboratively with a variety of groups. He/She also assists the National Board in creating policies and maintaining various communications media, including the monthly Newsletter, “Musings”, and the Franciscan Federation Website. The National Office is located in Brooklyn, New York.

A full Job Description may be downloaded from the Franciscan Federation Website or from the address listed below.

Letters of application and resumes are to be submitted by February 28, 2019 to:

Fr. Frank Scornaienchi, T.O.R.
President, Franciscan Federation
806 11th Street
Altoona, PA 16602-2594
Telephone (814) 254-5450


Franciscan Federation, Third Order Regular

Ministry Position Description

Flexible time (30 hours/week):  Stipend Package:  $36,000, which includes benefits and insurance

Date effective:   July 1, 2019

Provides work direction to:  Office Staff and Volunteers

Receives work direction from:  Franciscan Federation President and the National Board

Location of the office: Brooklyn, New York

PURPOSE:  Exercises the mission and administration of the National Office of the Franciscan Federation.

The Co-Executive Director carries out the mission of the Federation, i.e., to promote the exploration and study of the Franciscan TOR charism and its implications for the world. She/he will work closely with the National Board and other Co-Executive Director. The National Board also continues to explore the idea of one, national Franciscan Family.  The Co-Executive Director must be able to work creatively and collaboratively with a variety of groups.

The Co-Executive Director reports and is accountable to the National Board.  She/he assists the Board in creating policies and maintaining various communications media, including the monthly Musings newsletter and the Federation Web site.


  1. Serves as Chief Executive Officer, directing, coordinating and overseeing the ongoing administration and programs of the Federation (including its National Office and staff);
  2. Assumes responsibility for the hiring and the annual evaluation of staff;
  3. Maintains communication and oversight with the Executive Committees of the Commission of Regions (COR), the Commission of Charism Services (CCS), and the Commission of Elected Leaders (CEL) through support, providing resources and presence directly and/or with other Federation staff;
  4. Appoints the Planning Committee for the Annual Federation Conference (AFC) and with the National Board and the Planning Committee determines the program/schedule for the AFC;
  5. Assists the National Board and its standing and ad hoc committees in:
  6. Creating policies
  7. Implementing Federation objectives and annual Federation Conference objectives
  8. c. Securing funds from foundations, corporations and individuals, distributing grant monies for special programs and projects, and noting in-kind donations;
  9. With the treasurer, draws up the annual budget, subject to the review and approval of the National Board;
  10. Operates within the budget according to National Board policy and direction, and communicates regularly with the treasurer for accountability for the operating budget and other financial concerns;
  11. With the treasurer, works to maintain trust fund records;
  12. Sets agenda for National Board meetings in collaboration with the President, and other members of the National Board as needed;
  13. Sends a written report monthly to the National Board and is immediately accountable to the President and Executive Committee of the National Board;
  14. Exercises responsibility for ongoing research regarding what pertains to the Franciscan Third Order Regular charism;
  15. Coordinates all Federation communications (e.g., newsletter, Website, Facebook, regular correspondence with other Franciscan groups);
  16. Represents the Federation in external forums as designated by the National Board;
  17. Networks with existing Franciscan Conferences and groups, both nationally and internationally;
  18. Participates in an annual job review by the President and members of the National Board.

The responsibilities listed above are representative of the position and are not all-inclusive.

QUALIFICATIONS   The Co-Executive Director should possess the following qualifications:

  1. Professed membership in a Franciscan Third Order Regular congregation;
  2. Belief in the vision and mission of the Franciscan Federation;
  3. Ability to function in a creative manner within changing organizational structures;
  4. Ability to collaborate and serve with a variety of groups, both internal and external to the Federation;
  5. Good administrative and organizational skills;
  6. Good communication and computer skills
  7. Knowledgeable concerning technology
  8. Good bookkeeping and fiscal management skills;
  9. Good fund raising and development skills;
  10. Ability to occasionally lift up to 15 pounds as needed.