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Minister General Michael Perry, OFM, is recovering from injuries sustained in an Aug. 15 bicycle accident on the lakefront in Chicago. In a letter written to the Order from his hospital bed, he described the details of his unfortunate accident.

After undergoing surgery, Michael was transferred to the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab for rehabilitative care at the renowned Chicago-based physical medicine and rehabilitation research hospital.

Elected to the Order’s Minister General position in May 2015 as the 120th successor to St. Francis, the Indiana native has passed his responsibilities to General Vicar Julio César BunaderOFM, while he is recovering and rehabilitating. In a press release, Julio said, “Br. Michael asked me to let you know that he will need to withdraw from all activities for a considerable period. During that time, he will devote himself to praying for all those who are in need of prayer, particularly friars who are suffering from illness and uncertainty. Br. Michael also asks us to pray for him – that the Lord may continue to be at his side, granting him the strength and patience to cope with his rehabilitation.”