Our Vision

The Vision of the Franciscan Federation is to deepen the understanding and love of the Third Order Regular Charism in our lives in order to share this gift with the Church and the World.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote exploration and study of Franciscan Evangelical Life and its implications for these times and for our world. The Federation provides national and regional opportunities to collaborate, gather, and celebrate so that the brothers and sisters can better live the Third Order Regular call to conversion, contemplation, poverty, and humility.

Franciscan Federation National Board

Fr Frank Scornaienchi, TOR
Fr Frank Scornaienchi, TOR President
Elected Leaders
Sr. Eileen Golby, OSF
Sr. Eileen Golby, OSF Charism Services
Sr. Kathy Warren, OSF
Sr. Kathy Warren, OSFRegions
Sr. Joyce Shanabarger, OSF
Sr. Joyce Shanabarger, OSFElected Leaders
Sr. Sue Ernster, FSPA
Sr. Sue Ernster, FSPA Treasurer
Celeste Crine, OSF
Celeste Crine, OSF Regions
Sr. Suzanne Kush, CSSF
Sr. Suzanne Kush, CSSFCharism Services

Commission of Elected Leaders

The Commission of Elected Leaders (CEL) provides a forum for leaders to deepen their TOR charism in light of their role as minister-leader.

The Executive Committee

Sr. Theresa Darga, OSF
Sr. Theresa Darga, OSF Chair
Sr. Margaret Mary Kimmins, OSF
Sr. Margaret Mary Kimmins, OSF
Sr. Mary Litell, OSF
Sr. Mary Litell, OSF
Damian Novello, OSF
Damian Novello, OSF
Carl Vacek TOR
Carl Vacek TOR

For Information Contact:
CEL Executive Committee Chairperson
Sr. Theresa Darga OSF – tdarga@sistersosf.org

Commission of Charism Services

The Commission of Charism Service (CCS)  provides a forum for networking among various interest groups and individuals. We will share together our skills, gifts and talents to develop and exchange resources in light of the variety of Franciscan-related organizations and ministries that share our charism.  We will participate in activities of the Federation within our Commission and will make suggestions to the National Board agenda and speakers for the AFC.  We will keep the membership updated through our web page and the monthly publication of Musings.

The Executive Committee

Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF
Sr. Margaret Carney, OSFCo-Chair
 Sr. Corrina Thomas, FSPA
Sr. Corrina Thomas, FSPACo-Chair
Fr. Bernie Tickerhoof, TOR
Fr. Bernie Tickerhoof, TOR
Sr. Michelle Balek, OSF
Sr. Michelle Balek, OSF

For information contact:
CCS Executive Committee Chairpersons:
Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF – mcarney@sbu.edu
Sr. Corrina Thomas, FSPA – cthomas@fspa.org

Commission of Regions

The Commission of Regions (COR) provides a forum of diverse expressions of our TOR charism to the sisters and brothers in designated US regions.

The Executive Committee

Sr. Ann Lyons, FSSJ
Sr. Ann Lyons, FSSJChair
Sr. Althea Spencer, OSF
Sr. Althea Spencer, OSF
Sr. Maria Brizuela, OSF
Sr. Maria Brizuela, OSF
Sr. Jacqueline Motzel, FSM
Sr. Jacqueline Motzel, FSM
Sr. Camilla Wolfgram, OSF
Sr. Camilla Wolfgram, OSF
Sr. Pat Millen, OSF
Sr. Pat Millen, OSF

Region and Cluster Chairs

Br. Gabriel O’Brien, OSF
Br. Gabriel O’Brien, OSF
Sr. Sandra Lyons, OSF
Sr. Sandra Lyons, OSFRegion 2 Chair
Sr. Paula Nasenbeny, OSF
Sr. Paula Nasenbeny, OSFRegion 3 Co-Chair
Sr. Maria Brizuela, OSF
Sr. Maria Brizuela, OSFRegion 3 Co-Chair
Sr. Louise Hembrecht, OSF
Sr. Louise Hembrecht, OSFRegion 4
Manitowoc/ Green Bay/
Osh Kosh/ Stevens Point
Sr. Joanne Klinnert, OSF
Sr. Joanne Klinnert, OSFRegion 4
Little Falls/ Rochester/
La Crosse Cluster
Sr. Nancy Miller OSF
Sr. Nancy Miller OSFRegion 4
Dubuque/ Clinton Cluster
Sr. Phyllis Wirtz, SSSF
Sr. Phyllis Wirtz, SSSFRegion 4
Milwaukee Cluster
Sr. Diane Frederick, OSF
Sr. Diane Frederick, OSFRegion 5 Chair
Sr. Jeanne Rollins, OSF
Sr. Jeanne Rollins, OSFRegion 6 Chair
Sr. Pat Millen, OSF
Sr. Pat Millen, OSFRegion 6
Spokane Cluster
Sr. Debbie Clingingsmith OSF
Sr. Debbie Clingingsmith OSFRegion 6
Sacramento Cluster

For Information Contact:
COR Executive Committee Chairperson
Sr. Althea Spencer OSF – saaspencer@osfprov.org


Region 1
Chairperson: Br. Gabriel O’Brien, OSF

Region 2
Chairperson: Sr. Sandra Lyons, OSF

Region 3
Co-Chairperson: Sr. Maria Brizuela, OSF
Co-Chairperson: Paula Nasenbeny, OSF

Region 4
Sr. Lorita Gaffney, OSF

Region 5
Sr. Diane Frederick, OSF

Region 6
Sr. Jeanne Rollins, OSF