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St. Bonaventure’s Franciscan Institute announces 2019-2021 members of Research Advisory Council

BONAVENTURE, N.Y., Feb. 1, 2019 — Fr. David Couturier, O.F.M. Cap., executive director of the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University, has announced the 2019-2021 members of the institute’s Research Advisory Council (RAC).

The members are Dr. Timothy Johnson, chair, Flagler College; Dr. Lezlie Knox, Marquette University; Dr. Darleen Pryds, Franciscan School of Theology; Dr. Krijn Pansters, Tilburg University; Fr. Steven McMichael, O.F.M. Conv., University of St. Thomas; Dr. Joshua Benson, St. Bonaventure University; and Dr. Katie Wrisley-Shelby, Boston College.

The Research Advisory Council was established five years ago to provide advice and guidance to the leadership of the Franciscan Institute with regard to the Institute’s research and publications projects, setting priorities and developing schedules and protocols for Institute-sponsored scholarly projects.

In the past five years, the Franciscan Institute has sponsored major academic conferences on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition gathering hundreds of scholars from around the world to study and discuss major figures and topics in Franciscan history, philosophy and theology.

Seminars have included ground-breaking work on Bonaventure, Peter of John Olivi, and Women in the Franciscan Tradition. The theme of the 2019 Bonaventure Conference, to be held at St. Bonaventure University on July 15-18, is “Mendicant Theologies before Bonaventure and Aquinas.” It will draw scholars of the Franciscan and Dominican traditions from around the world to study the significant philosophical and theological influences that led up to the emergence of two of the most influential Doctors of the Church.

One of the priorities of the Research Advisory Council during the past several years has been to promote the work of emerging scholars of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition. The Institute has awarded several scholarships for study at the Franciscan Institute, as well sponsoring a study group to travel to the Franciscan Research Center at Saint Isidore’s in Rome to do new manuscript research on the works of Alexander of Hales. The Franciscan Institute is also initiating a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Franciscan Research at St. Bonaventure and gathering a select group of young scholars to study the latest research on the Early Rule of 1221 in anticipation of its 800th anniversary in 2021.

“The scholars who have agreed to serve on the Research Advisory Council bring a substantial set of diverse experiences and expertise to the research and publication interests of the Franciscan Institute,” said Fr. Couturier. “The council members’ Franciscan research and skill sets cover the broad range of important trends in Franciscan scholarship and demonstrate the passion for Franciscan history and theology emerging among a new generation of scholars today.”

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