Retrieving the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition Series

No. Title Author
1 The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition: Introduction Dominic Monti OFM
2 CFiT – Why it is important Bill Short OFM
3 CFiT – Creation Bill Short OFM
4 CFiT –  Incarnation Bill Short OFM
5 CFiT – Freedom Bill Short OFM
6 CFiT – Salvation Bill Short OFM
7 Give a Reason for the Hope that Lies Within You Bill Short OFM
8 Christ – Word of God and Exemplar of Humanity Zachary Hayes OFM
9 Of God’s Fullness We Have All Received Zachary Hayes OFM
10 The Heart’s Desire:The Affection for Justice and the Affection for Happiness Mary Beth Ingham CSJ
11 Scotus Our Conversation Partner Mary Beth Ingham CSJ
12 Seeing the World Anew: A Conversion Mary Beth Ingham CSJ
13 The Humility of God Ilia Delio OSF
14 An Excess of Love Ilia Delio OSF
15 Franciscan Theology and Philosophy: Its Contemporary Value Kenan Osborne OFM
16 It Pleases Me That You Should Teach Sacred Theology Michael Blastic OFM
17 On Living a Life Dedicated to Generosity and Presence Ed Coughlin OFM
18 Composite: Creation Delio, Hayes, Ingham, Short, Osborne
19 Composite: Incarnation Delio, Hayes, Ingham, Short, Osborne
20 Composite: Haecceitas Mulholland, Short, Ingham, Osborne, Coughlin
21 Composite: Trinity Osborne, Hayes, Coughlin, Short, Delio