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Transformational Process

The Franciscan Federation has become a catalyst in bringing together the wisdom and traditions of the Third Order Regular membership and the energy and contemporary practices of the modern day followers of Francis and Clare.  We welcome all of the First, Second and Secular Franciscan orders, in their diversity and in their sensitivity to their particular charisms, to walk with us, in whatever ways that foster unity and communion, in the local, national and global contexts.  Continuously enriched by the communion we experience and promote with all members of the Franciscan family, we seek, at this moment in the United States, to direct our attention also to our associates, lay Franciscans, and all who seek to live out a Franciscan life.  This movement will involve the humility of being open to the Spirit and the ideas of others.

A room full of people holding up green slips of paper and smiling.
Membership meeting at AFC 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA affirming the report of the Transformation Taskforce

The Transformational Taskforce

The Transformational Taskforce (TTF) has guided this evolving process from an organizational and structural perspective. It is the TTF who has made formal recommendations to the governing body of the Federation to move more fully into a new era in which vowed, secular, and lay Franciscans work together. This is an ongoing process and one in which we hope will bear much fruit!

Transformational Taskforce Members

  • Chair, Margaret Carney, OSF
  • Board Liaison, Kathleen Warren, OSF
  • Deborah Lockwood, OSF
  • Brian Terry, SA
  • Patricia George, OSF
  • Damian Novello, OSF

ELFO and The Emergent Group

In 2019 the Federation brought together Executive Leaders of Franciscan Organizations (ELFO) to explore cross-organizational collaborations. In 2020, the Emergent Group joined ELFO in an effort to inform Federation leadership in the ongoing transformational process through providing a fresh and unfolding perspective. The Emergent Group, consisting of a variety of people who identify as Franciscan, held space for the emergence of a new direction. At the Annual Franciscan Conference (AFC) 2021, both ELFO and the Emergent Group presented their findings and recommendations. Their efforts, along with the leadership of the staff and National Board, brought the Federation to where we are today.

ELFO Members

  • Franciscan Federation-Frank Scornaienchi, TOR, Convener
  • Commission on Franciscan Intellectual-Spiritual Tradition (CFIT)-Darleen Pryds
  • Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities (AFCU)-Debi Haug
  • Franciscan Action Network (FAN)-Michele Dunne, OFS
  • Franciscans International-Kevin Queally, TOR
  • Franciscan Media-Kelly McCracken
  • Franciscan Mission Service-Elizabeth Hughes
  • Franciscan Pilgrimage Program-John Cella, OFM
  • Secular Franciscan Order-Layna Maher, OFS