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The membership structure of the Franciscan Federation is currently in the process of being restructured. Canonical Community Membership has begun for the 2024 calendar year. All other levels of membership will be available starting in January 2024. If you are a congregational member, or interested in Canonical Community Membership, and have not yet received information, please submit a contact form to request the materials.

New Membership Structure

The new membership fee structure recognizes the evolution of the Franciscan Federation as catalyst in bringing together the wisdom and traditions of the Third Order Regular membership and the energy and contemporary Franciscan practices of the 21st-century.

As we welcome all who live into the fullness of the Franciscan tradition and practice the spiritual values associated with Francis, Clare, and the early practitioners—both vowed and lay—we recognize the need to revise the membership dues structure to create a space for the different expressions and opportunities for co-responsibility for the stewardship of the Federation.

New Membership Types

Canonical Community Membership

Canonical Community Membership continues to be the backbone of the Federation. This form of membership is meant to serve the needs of Congregational Leadership. Canonical community membership is open to religious institutes of vowed women and men religious (e.g., congregation, province, government unit, etc.). When a Canonical community joins the Franciscan Federation, every vowed member who belongs to that unit enjoys membership benefits.

Associate Community Membership

Associate Community Membership acknowledges the evolution of the lay associate movement in North America. This form of membership is meant to serve the needs of the Associate Leaders and Associate Communities of Third Order Regular Franciscan Congregations. When an associate community joins the Franciscan Federation, every Associate (Companion, Cojourner, Affiliate, etc.) who belongs to that community enjoy membership benefits.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is designed for individuals with a Franciscan Spirit who desire to keep informed of trends, information, and resources supporting the Franciscan tradition in the 21st century. It also provides an opportunity to connect with and build community with other members of the Franciscan family. Individual Members must have an email address to receive communications.

Supporting Organization

Supporting Organizations Membership is available to organizations and groups that work to support and share Franciscan values or have a desire to support the growth of the Franciscan charism and the strength of the Franciscan Federation. There are three types of Supporting Organization Membership; Franciscan Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, and For-Profit Organizations.

Please return in January 2024 to renew or become a member of the Federation!

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia at AFC 2022 with their Companions, former members, and all those associated with them.