Membership Formats: should link to a sub-page on Membership which has an explanation of the 4 types of memberships – need the explanation so viewer learns what each type is.
make links to 4 pdfs, one for each type of membership:
TOR Secular – OSF.pdf
TOR Congregation Member.pdf
Professional Associate Membership.pdf
Congregational Lay Associate Member.pdf



Each November, the Franciscan Federation invites members to renew, or new members to register and pay the suggested dues.


Third Order Franciscan Congregations;


Religious, Professional, Spiritual and Service-oriented Organizations and/or Institutions that are sponsored by Franciscans, by any members of the Franciscan Family, and are approved as members of the National Board;


Individuals who are Sisters or Brothers who belong to Member Congregations, who are Secular Franciscans, who belong to Associated Organizations, or who are lay associates/co-journers/affiliates of Member Congregations.

  • Individuals who seek to align themselves with the Franciscan values of prayer, humility, poverty, and fraternity as lived by Franciscan Third Order Regular congregational members.

Please contact the Co-Executive Directors for details about membership, dues, benefits, and responsibilities.