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Franciscan Intentional Community Network

Wooden statue of St. Francis

Franciscan Intentional Communities are ongoing relational gatherings of people who, inspired by Francis and Clare of Assisi, and the early Franciscan movement, choose to . . .

  1. consciously cultivate a shared, Spirit-led gospel life, through diverse expressions of community.
  2. respond through a rhythm of action and contemplation to the needs of the world today.
  3. deeply honor the dignity and uniqueness of each living creature through mutual respect and kinship with all of creation.
  4. Practice authenticity, mutual vulnerability, and simple living.

Intentional Communities

The following Franciscan Intentional Communities are actively engaged with the Franciscan Federation and with each other. These communities are purposeful in coming together to support each other and collaborate where possible. Information is available on each community, including contact information for those interested in the possibility of joining a community.

Faithful Fools

San Francisco, CA

More Community Information

  • Setting: Innercity
  • Current/Future Community: People living and working together with a common mission and shared values.
  • Aspects of shared community: changes with who is living together. Have zen inspired morning meditation for anyone who wants to sit together.
  • Shared ministry and/or purpose: Live and work together as Faithful Fools.
  • Length of commitment: Month to 1 year
  • Website:

Franciscan Welcoming House

St. Cloud, MN (central MN)

More Community Information

  • Setting: Urban center in rural area; former convent for local school
  • Current/Future Community: Intergenerational mix of religious and lay men and women inspired by Franciscan values and open to learning from diverse traditions.
  • Aspects of shared community: The community determines their form of shared prayer, meals, faithsharing and activities; individuals may have their own work or study beyond the community.
  • Shared ministry and/or purpose: Openness to growth in mutuality, community living, spirituality, discernment, service and hospitality
  • Length of commitment: Short to long term options; ranges from 2 months to 2 years, with possibility to renew
  • Finance/benefit: Due to zoning, residents pay group housing market rate; there are criteria for discounted rates
  • Contact: Michelle L’Allier, OSF at
Six people of diverse ages laughing together on a couch.

House of Discernment

Pittsburgh, PA

More Community Information

  • Setting: City
  • Current/Future Community: Up to 4 Women discerning their next path in life. One sister of St Francis and one sister of St Joseph.
  • Aspects of shared community: Morning Prayer, Dinner and Evening Prayer
  • Shared ministry and/or purpose: Hospitality when events occur
  • Length of commitment: on average, 6 months to a year
  • Finance/benefit: $500 a month program fee. Covers room and board.
  • Contact: Caryn Crook, osf at or 315-751-6819
Diverse group of smiling folks in a cozy living room.

Mt. Irenaeus/Mountain Companion Ministry

West Clarksville, NY (Western NY)

More Community Information

  • Setting: Rural, rustic
  • Current/Future Community: Mix of OFM friars and full/part time men and women. Open to other adults vowed and lay with a calling toward Franciscan active and contemplative living.
  • Aspects of shared community: Common prayer and liturgy time, shared meals, hospitality to guests. Shared outdoor/indoor labor
  • Shared ministry and/or purpose: Primarily to St. Bonaventure University. Also spiritual gatherings and experiences both on site and in the larger world. Opportunities to minister in new ways as well.
  • Length of commitment: Short to Long term opportunities (3 – 12 months, ability to renew)
  • Finance/benefit: commitment to 12 months includes $500/month stipend and health insurance
  • Website:
Smiling group of people on a deck in front of trees and blue sky.

Why join an intentional community?

  • You have everything you want, but still feel something is missing. 
  • You are connected more than ever, in-person and online, but still feel lonely. 
  • You have talents and gifts, but are unsure how you should use them. 
  • You are unsure of some of your life choices or vocation. 
  • You feel a certain calling, but are uncertain whether it’s to religious life. 

These are all reasons why people live in intentional communities. Being part of an intentional community, either virtually or in person, helps one to discover and use their God given gifts and talents while growing in self-knowledge and deepening their faith while being in a supportive community.  

Franciscan Intentional Community Network Coordinating Group

Creating an intentional community is both exciting and daunting. Franciscan Intentional Community Network (FICN) lends support in forming intentional communities and helps existing communities to flourish, to provide people a space and place to listen to God and one another. If you are an intentional community that fits the criteria above, and wish to be a part of the Franciscan Intentional Community Network, please email to be connected!

People of diverse ages gathered in community.