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JPIC 2020-2021 Resolution

by Franciscan Federation

Statement of Resolution

We, the members of the Franciscan Federation, recognize our responsibility to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We recognize our continual need for conversion and to act to heal the world and the people who live in it.


In 1979 Pope John Paul II declared St Francis of Assisi the Patron Saint of those who promote Ecology with these words. “Francis offers Christians an example of genuine and deep respect the integrity of creation.” Five years ago, Pope Francis released, Laudato Si promoting an integral approach to environmental and social issues. “Today, however, we have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”91

The earth and all creatures are entrusted to humankind by the Divine Creator to enjoy, tend, nourish and protect. Earth is precious and sacred. With gratitude, we Franciscans will do our part to confront the ecological crisis, work to reverse the harm done to this precious gift and by our witness, encourage others to tend and care for our sister, Mother Earth.

Call to Respond/Call to Action

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments
environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take “swift
and unified global action.” This encyclical has moved us to respond to both the cry of the earth
and the cry of the poor through action and prayer. to the challenges posted by the current climate crisis.

In order to respond with concrete attention, let our Call to Action be a collective Franciscan voice to respond to the cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor. We propose that all Franciscans and Franciscan Hearted People join Franciscan Action Network and take at least one action to transform public policy related to care for creation and care for the poor.

This may include:

  • Eliminate all plastic water bottles
  •   Reduce meat consumption, especially beef
  •   Form or join a Care for Creation team in your local parish
  •   Support climate action bills being considered by your state legislature
  •   Use teleconference (zoom, go to meeting, skype) and other alternative communication to avoid travel
  •   Evaluate your carbon footprint

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