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Haversack: A Franciscan Review

by Franciscan Federation

Haversack, a Franciscan review, was started in 1977 by a group of Franciscan women and men who were living and working in Uptown Chicago. They felt the need to connect their own experience of working for God’s world and God’s justice with the experience of Francis, Clare and their early sisters and brothers outside Assisi in the early 1200s. At some point, they decided to share their journey in writing in order to connect with Franciscans and others on the same path outside of Chicago. For twenty-one years, long before social media, Haversack generated relationships of mutual encouragement, challenge, celebration, even angst, reaching Franciscans in thirty-seven countries. Haversack became an exploration of the critical issues of the time – issues not less critical nowadays – and a rediscovery of the insights the early Franciscans had into the Gospel message of Jesus and its direct applications to human challenges.

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