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Franciscan Morning & Evening Praise

by Franciscan Federation4 Comments

Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise 2 Volume set is back in print through Tau Publishing. Volume I-Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and the Triduum-770 pages Volume II-Easter and Ordinary Time-841 pages. This is a perfect bound edition that does not have ribbons.

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4 thoughts on “Franciscan Morning & Evening Praise”

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    Gayle-Lynne Gordon,ofs

    Do these volumes have the up to date saints and blesseds of the Franciscan family? Is this a supplement or provides the offices in their entirety?

    1. Franciscan Federation

      Thanks for your question Gayle-Lynne! These are a reprinting of the original prayer book. There are no additions, if you have the original version, it is the same! We are reprinting them due to an increased request among people who do not have a copy. Thanks!

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    It would be great if these could be reprinted in electronic form so that one can more easily take them along while traveling. I hope you consider doing so.


    1. Franciscan Federation

      Hello Emily,

      This is something the Federation is considering, but it is currently cost prohibitive. We are doing some ground work to prepare for the potential of providing an electronic option in the future. Thanks for your comment!

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