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Franciscan Intellectual Tradition

2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in Which Several Centenaries Will be Celebrated

This text has been provided by the working group of the Coordination Committee for the Franciscan Centenary. These experts have created an outline for learning more about our charism at each stage of the Centenary. This text lends itself to multifaceted use and will help us set out on this… Continue Reading 2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in Which Several Centenaries Will be Celebrated

Tau Series

Above all else, the TAU meant mission for Francis: a mission to proclaim the Goodness of God by a wholehearted following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ because of whom all life is sacred. Tau Series This series presents the depth of the Franciscan Tradition in an easily digestible format.… Continue Reading Tau Series

Brewing Faith Podcast

Brewing Faith, is a podcast where younger Catholics ask the questions and, together with the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia and through a Franciscan lens, we look at the future of our Church.

Franciscan School of Theology Youtube

A Franciscan education offers a unique, Christ-centered viewpoint into Catholicism. Franciscan spirituality is faithful to the gospel and the Church, rooted in prayer, contemplation, and most importantly, service. Franciscans are committed to upholding the inherent dignity of creation, manifest a profound reverence for the human person as one made in… Continue Reading Franciscan School of Theology Youtube

Development of the Franciscan Person

Originally developed by the Rule and Life Committee of the Franciscan Federation and updated by the Spirit and Life Committee, this resource provides formation directors in TOR congregations with guidelines for the development of the Franciscan person. This resource is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.