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2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in Which Several Centenaries Will be Celebrated

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This text has been provided by the working group of the Coordination Committee for the Franciscan Centenary. These experts have created an outline for learning more about our charism at each stage of the Centenary. This text lends itself to multifaceted use and will help us set out on this journey in communion. The text offers guidelines for organizing the various centenaries at the local level and provides a framework on which to base our formation programs. It is a flexible, worthwhile tool for working on the themes of the various centenaries. Together, these centenaries shall form the single 2023-2026 Centenary, which will conclude with the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Easter of our Seraphic Father.

Resources provided for the 800th anniversaries of:

  • Later Rule & Christmas at Greccio (2023)
  • Stigmata (2024)
  • Canticle of the Creatures (2025)
  • Easter of Francis (2026)
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4 thoughts on “2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in Which Several Centenaries Will be Celebrated”

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    where can I purchase the booklet in English of
    2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in which several Centenaries will be Celebrated . How much is the cost.

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